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Omnibot 2000 Wanted

hello all

i am a newbie but verry intrested i am looking for an omnibot 2000 , fully working and as complete as possible so far i tried e bay , google and a lot of other sites but the ones that i find in good condition are verry expensive i am willing to pay 3 - 400 dollars for a good one if anyone has tips , hint or has one for sale .... please let me know

kind regards from belgium


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A fully working, complete Omni 2k over here will fetch in excess of £1k, one with no control unit, tray, charger, battery etc. goes for at least £100.

Keep checking ebay, they are rare, I've been on the look out for one for about 6 months now, ebay notifies me with all omnibot listings and listings for tomy robot too so it should pick up all Omnis, I've seen about 5 go in 6 months...

There is one in the UK at the moment for £1500 buy it now, complete and never been used, both boxes and everything. There is another for auction with a low start bid but I will be surprised if it doesn't fetch at least £100 and it's got a broken arm!..

Set up saved searches in ebay and use the email me feature. Use a smartphone too and receive instant notifications of new listings. And wait.


i got 3 of them for $100 or less each,sorry not selling them 2 using for EZB and third one for restoring it

I would keep checking on ebay,they show up alot and mostly sells for under $125

I set up saved searches and i use i IPAD to get instant updates for many robots or parts that i need.

i made not need any more omnibot 2000 for awhile unles i see a good deal

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Sorry but you are wrong, very few sold for less than $200 in the USA for a while see the completed listings and those which did were far from complete and working.

In Europe they are rare and have higher prices.

It's always a good idea to check completed listings to see a realistic price which you can expect it to go for. Good condition ones even in the US go for around $500 including shipping, if not much more than that.


i know why i bought ,please dont call me a liar,ask JOSH his on ebay sold to me for $100 and i can post my others i got too with showing price i paid I hate people calling others liars and sometimes you get get them ship to other countries,higher shipping I got another for $90 about and one in good shape $125

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Completed listings for Omnibot 2000

Who called you a liar? I said you are wrong. They currently don't show up a lot for under $125 as my link clearly shows. Also bear in mind the original poster is from Belgium and should expect to pay a lot more and find a lot less for sale unless importing is an option, then taxes, duty and shipping are major issues.


thats about the same thing i am not wrong ,i know what i bought and what i see THE listing you posted a link is for now ,it changes week to week or days

i see some sold for $103 and some for $70,needs repair,but if using EZB ,its not a problem ,like the broken arm,i got like it,and i cut the pices off and added my servo's to it

and another for $103 that missing the bottom,on mine i didnt use the bottom i use a vex robot kit

PLUS there is a lady seller who buys a lot of them and sells the parts ,you can see her listing,i got REMOTE for mine $15 AND CLEAR DOME for my omnibot model 5402

HE just need to keep checking the listing for it and last minute bid on it and get it at a low price ,thats how i got my very low price

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The link is all completed listings for the past 3 months but you keep on claiming you're right and ebay is wrong, sure that'll work.

I've not said you didn't get what you said. Read, understand, think then post. Again, currently they are not selling for as cheap as you have said therefore you are wrong unless you can provide links to a lot which have recently sold for under $125 and in the condition mentioned in the original post. All which have sold for less than $200 without shipping have been in very rough condition, incomplete or broken.

Where's that wall to bang my head against gone?..


i found out on every posting i listed you say something bad about my idea or i am wrong and at least i dont bang my head on any wall.never ever get mad or upset

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Anything that's unjustified I'll gladly take back however you may notice all of my comments have been justified, in many cases I have gone the extra mile to provide proof of their justification.

Whenever any criticism is posted you will notice it is constructive and I will not only criticise but offer solutions and/or other ways of doing things. For no other reason than to help others, make their EZ-Robot experience better and easier.

Not once have I ever made any unjustified negative comments to any one of your posts.

If you have a problem with any of my posts and believe I have broken any of the site rules bring it up with EZ-Robots. I'm done with you and have already told you that I'll not be offering any help, advise or insight to you on your projects however I will always offer help to others and correct anyone when they are wrong.

Yes, I have corrected you a number of times but only when you are wrong or have advised bad practices or unnecessary methods. If you don't want me to correct you or point out faults, errors etc. then stop being wrong. It's nothing personal and it's not just you I correct or advise on doing things another way.

I'm having nothing more to do with this argument now, I would suggest you leave it as it is but there's no point as I know you will make some kind of comment about me again - oh well.

Apologies to the original poster but I'm sure you didn't want hopes falsely lifted by incorrect information.


gentleman ... please dont fight i dont know if they were ever sold in belgium i have checked several sites such as e bay end local sites the ones that i find are most of the time the omnibot and NOT the omnibot 2000

if i do find an omnibot 2000 in good or working condition than the prices sometimes go up to 1500 dollars or more

i know its a cool robot that costed original around 600 dollars but in the end .. its still an old toy that can break easy also, i can imagine that its alsmost impossible to find parst

so i dont want to pay more than 5 - 600 dollars for a good working one i am handy with tools and a lot of other things but i am not an electro wonder so finding one that needs a lot of work is not an option so buying 2 or 3 robots in the hope to have in the end 1 that works is also an expensive deal and to be honnest ... i dont see how i can manage that because also the damaged ones cost around 2 - 300 dollars

original or slightly modified .... if someone has one to sell, or know of someone, or some place where i can find one .... i would be verry thankfull

if you find one that you can repair and it stays under 600 dollars.... and you want to sell it .... contact me

kind regards in advance and for the help so far

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it's a waiting game I'm afraid. Just set up the searches on ebay, set the email reminders and smartphone notifications and just wait and hope for the best (and try to beat auction snipers which can be difficult).


thats the way RICH is,on all my my theads and post ,everyone ,not one am i right on anything and second he doesnt know me at all

One bad ITEM on this post he says i am wrong about the prices ,when i now how much i paid for them JOSH sold me one on ebay very cheap clean and in good condition At $100 and bought other little higher and lower.

omnibot 2000 complete with remote

2 days left at $202 may be the seller can ship to you will be may be much less then $400 with shipping and custom fee's,and if you ask the buyer to ship as a gift and give a lower amount the custom fee,s would be much less ,and have him remove the battery for lower shipping cost ,since most likely its bad over all thses years

also belgium is nice place place ,i was there a little while ago i had 2 1/2 months there and in london and most of england and france


yep auction snipers, i am most likely one i buy alot and alot of robots and bid at them at the last minute to get the lowest price


This is the last one I got back in August. It didnt work but that was ok. It is rare to find near this price in my experience. My Omni2000


I bought the upper half , from the waist up and spent 100 dollars a month ago. I watch omnibots and the 2000 models all the time. A year ago you could find them for a150-200 and I purchased two back then. Since the projects and popularity of ezb has caught on the omnibot and walle have really gone up in price. Perhaps you can get a regular omnibot for the price you are looking for


that kinda seems tr ue,just need to play the waiting game zand keep watching you might get lucky i boght one cheap it was all apart and every piece was there and in good shape

I could easy put it back together and made a working omnibot,but instead i will clean it and get it ready for another EZB robot project

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Hi all, I have an Omnibot 2000 but I haven't used it for over 20 years. It was in full working order last time I used it but it hasn't even been switched on, living in a cupboard since then but I am having a clear out and am looking for a new home for him. Anybody interested can contact me by e. mail at, Dave.

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How much do you want for it?

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They are overpriced over here at the moment, I've been looking for one for months but the sellers on ebay expect to get about twice what they are worth. Same one keeps popping up, lower and lower price each time but he still declines my £75 offer, which is more than fair. Maybe one day I'll get one for a reasonable price (I don't want or need one that badly that I'd pay over the odds for a broken one with no tray).

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I have no idea how much they are worth so I am open to reasonable offers...


If its without the tray or controller and untested but in good condition ( no broken parts and tires not soft or rotting) that's about 100 us dollars , tested to turn on up to 150 at best. I'm not really in the market because I already have my Omnibot 2000 Jarvis project. Maybe Rich would be interested though.

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it has the tray but no controller and I have just broken the arm whilst moving it (the plastic spindle has snapped, just needs glueing) but to be honest for the amount you are quoting it is not worth the hassle of packing and posting etc so it looks like the binmen can have it......


Obviously the amount i suggest does not include packing and shipping but please don't throw away a robot like that. Someone will want it. You just gotta be reasonable in price. Brand new the robot was 600 dollars 27 years ago. , and now its broken and very important parts missing. Anyways sell that tray on eBay seperatly you will get a pretty penny for it.

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Dude I'd be interested so don't throw it out. I wouldn't need the controller as the EZ-B would do all of that.

Over here (in the UK) they go for around £100-150 on ebay with controller, tray etc. The more damaged they are the lower it goes obviously, and no controller drops it still. The last one which actually sold on eBay went for about £35 but had a few big cracks and was very yellow.

Broken arm may be a slight issue but repairable I'm sure. It depends on how much the postage would be, if you can find out (to GL504SP) or if close enough I can always collect. I've sent you an email, feel free to reply to it if you'd rather not discuss on here.


I have an omnibot 2000 complete with remote and original charger. Sadly I can't find the tray though :-( It's been in a darkened cupboard for over 20 years and was in mint condition when I put it in there. It won't charge up though now so I suspect the battery needs replacing. After reading this forum I've popped it on ebay as its not doing any good sat in a cupboard under the stairs.

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Mel, check the dates of the previous posts;)

@samanddud thanks for the heads up, what's the reserve on it though? I'm still looking for one of these and have some cash left over from the recent car purchase that I may spend on more robots.


Hi Rich,

I have put it on with a reserve of £200.

I think the listing closes on Sunday. No idea where the tray has gone mind! Cheers, Sam

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I saw it got up to that almost straight away, I'll no doubt be outbid on it since I can't really allow myself to spend too much (despite wanting to). But at least it bumps the final selling price up a bit for you:)

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Wow these prices are mad one listing now for £500. The older smaller Omnibots are better value but still over twice what I paid a couple of years ago

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They have been non existent on ebay UK for about 6 months (2000s) so £500 may sell, auctions I expect will hit the £300 mark.

The smaller Omnibots are around £50 although noticed one hitting over £100 without a box at the moment, which is making me toy with the idea of selling one of mine since I want to finish the 2 bots I've started before starting a third.


Hello all, I have an Omnibot 2000 in great condition with serving tray and remote. I have had it for over 30 years and was the original owner. There is very little yellowing, no scratches or dents, the inside is clean as well. I can post pics of it if anyone is interested in taking a look.

I have just put a new battery in it and it lights up perfectly during startup. You can hear the gears engaging too. However

  1. the remote, which lights up as well, doesn't seem to be able to control it.

  2. I can't find the 6v charger, and

  3. one of the battery contacts that controls the LCD screen has broken off due to time.

Any thoughts on how I can get it working again?

I have also considered selling it, but don't wish to pay Ebay's seller fees, despite knowing that I probably will have to at some point if I do sell.

I can be reached at


I have an incomplete Omnibot 2000 robot project i am willing to sell.It is a double body stack and a regular Omnibot drive train with an additional swivel for stability. The head has two blue leds near the ears and 2 Logitech cameras...He stands at 27.5 inches in height. Their is no motor in the neck. Regular omnibot drive train works very well in this configuration...Perfect project to customize yourself..Front has a slot to hold a Windows tablet(not included). I interested send me an email at to easy to use with EZ robot..

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