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Omegaproject Now J.I.R Kintobor

Hi again every one i have officially changed my previous Name from OmegaProject to J.I.R Kintobor. I have also changed my avatar from the omnibot 2000 pic, to Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik as i feel omegaproject is past me and i have a since of reestablishment and i feel as though this new change in me, is able to "conquer the world"(joking of course), or at least any project i put my mind to once again lol. Thank you all for believing in me in the past with out ez-robot and the community i wouldnt be much of any thing. Thank you


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So your not going to make a omega robot ?


@J.I.R.Kintobar - smart rebranding! Thank you for the update!;)


Your welcome figured i should say some thing so every one wouldnt be like who is J.I.R Kintobor lol and Nomad as far as Omega project goes, Omega was just the name of the previous robot, Thats were the project got its name from. I am starting from scratch with the omnibot 2000 and when i come up with a name for him i shall give the new project a name lol. Omega can never be replaced and it would be an insult to continue with the omnibot as omega, becuase omega was already built just never activated.


great to hear your building robots.