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United Kingdom

They often have meetings. The cams give a great insight in to how much happens there, when you're on the forums as much as I am you get to see it:)


safety meeting! nobody works, nobody gets hurt ;-)


We have daily meetings every day at 11:00am MST! You will often see every chair moved in a circle so we can chat about what we need to do that day, and see if anyone needs help:) They are a great way to align everyone's goals for the day!

How often does everyone else discuss goals with their team and co-workers?

United Kingdom

We never have meetings at work, and I mean never. Which is pretty bad and you can tell so easily that nobody where I work actually works together, not exactly the most productive method of working!

On the other hand, I often have quick meetings with every one of my clients for my own stuff to go through all of their requirements or what the end result needs to be, how far it's gone, what needs doing, what I need from them, what they need from me etc. for whichever project I happen to be helping them on. The difference in productivity and the quality of the final outcome is always vastly superior to that of my day job.

I have two jobs, work full time during the day and also run my own business (well, more than one technically) when I'm not in the day job... and spend 90% of the day on here too... let's just say I don't sleep much (as Bon Jovi said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead" lol).


LOL... @Rich... "I'LL Sleep when I am dead"?... Might mean an early bedtime for Bon Jovi then....:)


Late night watcher... ? Cams not changing?



I think there might be something wrong with the cams right now. Maybe a cable came loose when rearranging the office layout. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.


cam watching! lights, action, where is the director? j


That'd be my boss, alan:)


Cam watching again... I see the director going over the script, he is doing last minute corrections. Lol