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Office Camera Suggestion

Hi DJ et al,

Maybe you could add a timestamp to the stream/clock on the page of the EZ-Office camera.
It would be useful so people in other timezones (like me) don't have to keep converting the times :D


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One idea i would like to see is have the 3d printer put on the other end of the desk so we can see it doing its thing better on cam and it would be cool if there was an active bot or two running around when no one is there
And I and im sure others would love to see a floor plan of the space you have there i thought i seen a link to one but no plan cam up
I did spot a Roomba running around the floor yesterday, lol.
i did to but only for a second lol after that i kept looking for it but never seen it again lol
another idea i just had is for the TV on the wall by the big table is to have it doing a photo slide show when its not in use
@wolfie We haven't really set the TV's up completely yet. We got a little distracted once we brought the robots into the office:P Once we have the TV's fully up and running we will be displaying different robot movies, community feeds from twitter, facebook and the forum plus much more! Can't wait:)
Lol yes I know the bots distracted you all .... I seen it lol
Another idea i had the other day when i seen DJ remove one of the "eyes" from the EZ-Robot sign on the wall is to have them so thay will wink and blink
It would not be hard to setup at all just have them on hinges and hooked to servos so they lean over so we see them edge on
well thats if they a flat disks and not balls