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Obstacle Avoidance - Free Roaming Script Needed

Hi all. Like Moviemaker, I'm trying to work out the best script for the robot to avoid obstacles. Presently Bob roams around but now and then crashes into things. Simple Easy-Builder code would be great. Bobs tank treads have turned him into a stubborn sumo-pusher.


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The Ping or Sharp Radar Control will help you with autonomous navigation :)


DJ, I've had the Ping and Radar control working fine in the past - but now with new Tank treads,Bob only reverses in small increments then tries to bulldoze his way forward. Is there any way I can extend how far back he reverses before turning ?

There must be a cool way of controlling Radar and Ping via a connection to a script run - ie Robot runs autonomous then follows an EZ script (if Ping distance is too short - then reverses back a set distance). I'm currently studying your script radar example - Ping_wait command which looks like the go but I'm not sure how to then tell Bob to reverse


sensor stops


..sorry but I am a primitive at this stuff.Any guidance appreciated.




What I do Know that what every you put in the bracket, 1000=1sec,2000=2sec,3k-3sec,4k-4sec etc.

So,reverse(1000) go backward for 1 sec.

Hope that this helped.


In the ping/sharp radar settings, there is a drop down for how many ms to turn/reverse. increase that value by selecting a larger number... Maybe 3000 is good for you? Or 5000


Thanks - I'll give it a try...