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Objectdetect And Facedetect Together


i have a short question if this is possible:

to explain want i want to do, this script i think eplains everything:

if ObjectDetect
Say ("Hallo" + $CameraObjectName)

I want to run the face dectection and the object detection together. If a saved Object is detected the robot will say "Hello Object".

In the Moment i have it, that the Robot says to all detected Faces "Hello" (because i not gives a Object Variable) and if a object is detected He say "Hello Boris" for example. So i want that the face detection is running and if a object is detected he say "Hello Object".

So easy to do with:

"if ObjectDetect"



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You have to also check for the type of method discovered. So if the detected type is an object, do something. If the detected type is a face, do something else.

Just check the detected type as well



my question was more like, if somebody can tell me the correct lines for the Script.

RIght: if the detected type is a Object - the detected Object name is "Boris" - so do/say "Hello Boris"

BUt this please as a script.



This will help you... Add this to your Tracking Start in the camera control settings

if ($CameraTrackingType == "Face")

say("I see a stranger! Who are you")

Elseif ($cameraTrackingType == "Object")

say("Hello " + $CameraObjectName)