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Object Reference Error

Hi every one, since I updated EZ builder, each time I start a project I get an error message saying unable to load. Reason: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. And some of the change made to the project no longer saved. For example I would put a camera device on the project, save it, but when I reopen the project it will not be there. Can someone please help?


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Are you certain you are running the most recent version? There are no reports of something like that. Also ensure you have .Net 4 runtime installed and updated.:)
Thanks DJ, for your quick reply. Yes I'm using the latest version and since the error begun I manually installed .Net 4.5 runtime, checked windows update.
Interesting, there's always one in a thousand of windows installations that is troublesome. My suggestion is usually to ensure the updates, uninstall the software, reboot, reinstall software and cross your fingers:)

What operating system are you using?
I have done that DJ but the problem persist. I'm using windows 7 home premium. I'm going to use system restore to try saving the project at an earlier date, and also try to save the project on a different computer. I'll let you know what happened.
I can't imagine what the issue is. After you have uninstalled, can you look in the c:\Program Files (x86) folder and see if there is an EZ-Robot folder? If there is, can you remove those folders manually? Then reboot and re-install.
Thank you DJ for these instructions, I followed them but the problem persisted. I tried to save an earlier version of the project file from EZ cloud and it worked. There was no error! Conclusion: The project file got corrupted. Thanks DJ, for your help.;)
Share the project on here. You can use the file attach feature and upload the file to your message so I can view it
Sounds good! I'll do that later since I'm at work now.
Thanks DJ! You're definitely my man.:D