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Not A Complaint, Just An Observation

I hate to say this. But, the icons are so big that they fill up the upper part of the screen of my little bitty notebook. They have word wrap which makes parts of the word go to the next line. When this happens, I cannot see all of my windows which are opened up in my main windows screen.

my resolution is 1368X768. It is the highest that i can get on my video card.

I LOVE the way you can make all of the windows shrink and go to the bottom. I would like to be able to MOVE the top of the screen and shrink it so I could see my missing part of my windows.

any ideas what I can do?



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Sorry dude, I'm unsure what you mean. I set my resolution to 1368x768 and too these screenshots of my desktop.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


You think 1368X768 is low... try 1024x600 on a netbook:P I spend a lot of time scrolling in ARC (the only program I use on the netbook).

Actually @MovieMaker, your referencing the word wrap makes me wonder if you are using larger then default font sizes within Windows display settings? Those settings can make fonts easier to read but can totally mess up how some programs look.


Anything is possible with me.

thank you guys for the help.

It seems to work better with the new release.


Oh larger font size might be it. If the windows default fonts are increased, or the dpi is increased, software will look funny. On my media center I had the large font size and everything looked funny.