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No Realtime Video On V4 Camera?

I was just playing and noticed that if you press the real time video buton on the camera control it doesn't show. I want this because I need to drive the bot and the processed video usually is slower than the real time.


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That is correct - the processed video of the v4 is absolutely lowest latency. It is not slower than real time. The processed video of the v4 is real time. The v4 camera has the lowest latency of any camera you will find. There is absolutely zero buffering and therefore zero latency.


Ok thanks. It must be my setup cause I have a half second lag.


Well you better, cause I watch myself step infrint of the camera, and look up and see me stepping on the computer.


I don't know how that can be possible - what are the specs of your computer? Or there are network issues. The video is transmitted in real-time to the host (pc or mobile device) at 3mbps. The windows tcp stack receives the image data in chunks of 512k (which is ~10 images) at a time. Perhaps you have the tracking speed set high? Turn the tracking speed all the way down and you will receive 14-20 fps