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Nimh Battery

OK, some of you may have seen me on another forum asking about my charger earlier about a month ago.


I had an 1800 mAH NiMH battery. It blew UP! Bang! and caught on Fire. Fissle, smoke.
I had a 3800 mAH NiMH battery. It is still good.
My charger shorted out and now gives a constant 24 volts dc.

The batteries are rated 7.2vdc.

Looking on ebay, I found a perfect 7.2 volt smart charger that is made for NiMH batteries. Did I buy it? NO. I saw another battery smart charger that had an OCTIPUS cable for the same price. I bought it.

Now, After I got it, I threw away the packing and receipt and boxes. I NEVER return things. The shipping looses most of the money in the return process. I just usually eat it.

Next, I wimpered a little when I read that it was made for LiPo type batteries.

I called ALL-Battery in CA. They told me "NOOOOO! you cannot use this charger on a NiMH battery, it is made for a Lipo type battery!

It had a very pretty gold box with dancing LEDS, etc. Very pleasing to the eye.

I cannot afford to purchase this new charger for another two months. What do YOU think about the Whole shootin' works? What would you do besides sending everything back and loosing which I am not going to do. I could buy a Lipo battery, but I already have the Tenergy 3800 and it has served me well.

Thanks in Advance.



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I wonder what caused the NIMH to blow up ? The charger? I've used up a bunch of NICAD batteries and "never" had any blow up. I'm not sure if NICAD and NIMH batteries are similar enough to use the same type charger. I know that Lithium based batteries need chargers designed to charge each type of battery. Thats depending on the battery composition.:(
What caused it to blow up is me not reading the instructions. To charge it, you have to use it until it drains completely and then whenever it is full, it will start to warm up. You need to take it off at that point. I left them on the charger continuously. Sometimes, I would use it for one minute or five minutes and back on the charger. It did not develop a memory, but instead got hotter and hotter until it caught fire , smoked and went boom! I quickly put my trash can over it and then poured cold water on it. The fire was out and I was almost kicked out of my home. It served me well for a few years, but I unintentionally abused it.

What can I say. It was my fault. i just don't want a repeat of what happened. This is a Nickle Metal Hydride battery, not a Nicad.
Hummmmm... I use LiPos however you then have to worry about over discharging, plus explosions. I got a single battery charger that does both NiMh and LiPo, and probably even Nicad however I only use LiPos, for $90 at my local hobby shop works great, monitors the single cells to balance. It's your choice however I do believe LiPos are probably more expensive depends where you get them. A 2cell 7.4V 910 maH LiPo costs around $20 also got a 3 cell 11.1V 3aH which costed me $36, got it off of HobbyKing.
So, the same charger charged LiPo AND NiMH???? I have included with the charger a Balance charger system , a pretty little brass colored box.

I need to ask a Battery Professional that is in the know. But, it was very hard to talk to the factory in CA.
I guess that's what happens with no auto cutoff on your charger . I just got a 7.4v 5000mah lipo off ebay delivered for I think $35:)
Yep its the Onyx235 by DuraTrax charges LiPos,NiCd, NiMH, LiFe and Li-Ion so theres your battery choices lol saves 10 battery settings so you can recall and start without havin to reinsert the settings each time, adjustable charge current and eveything lol.

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If your looking to try LiPos go right ahead however you best either get an alarm or auto cutoff if you are to use them, for discharge if cell is discharged to low you'll never be able to recharge it. Also there a plenty of warnings to go about charging and certain handling situation.

I already have two good NiMH batteries. I wish to charge them with a LiPo smart charger.
OK, it seems to be a fact, you cannot charge LiPo batteries in a NiMH charger. They will blow up probably.

But, what about the OTHER way around. Charging a NiMH battery in a LiPo charger. I haven't got an answer yet.
problem solved. I just bit the bullet and ordered the correct NiMH battery charger. I was suprised that no one knew the answers.