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Niek's Ez-Robot Experience

Here's a little summary for you:

There is 1 final video still to come:D


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@Niek It was great seeing your videos. It looks like you had a well balanced trip with some sight seeing, tasting some of the local foods and robot building. Did you have a favorite part of your trip? From your time with EZ-Robot does it inspire you to pursue a career in robotics?
Awesome Niek! Everyone will be hoping for great things in the future, in business and robotics :). Looking forward to more robot projects! Did you return with any momentos/souvenirs? Congrats!
@JustinRatliff My favourite part of the trip was definitely the time I spent in the office building robots. I also had lots of fun hanging out with the team outside of the office.
I was already planning to follow a technical course at a university. This experience made me seriously consider robotics:D

@irobot58 Aside from a lot of new knowledge, I made and brought home Magic Mike (the robot in the video). More on him later:)
@thomas28 I'm sorry, what do you mean?
@aameralis I know, but I don't get what he means by that.
@niek I think Thomas means what area of robotics are you interested in. Automotive , personal robotics, assembly line ect. The different areas of robotic automation.
@aameralis that's right, I'm still choosing between the TU of Delft and that of Eindhoven.

@jstarne1 personal robotics *for everyone*:D
@jstarne1 yeah that's what I mean

@niek. sorry for the unclear:D
if you ask me, I want to go to technical college leuven :P;)

I've been from childhood bitten by technique on 1 December 2012 I won the 3rd place at the Youth olympics technology
(site in dutch) there were also people from Netherlands, is it possible that I also saw you there?
@thomas28 that's awesome! But nope, I wasn't there:D
Hey Niek. Glad to see you made it safe and sound:) I've been at my cabin on the beach enjoying the sun. Recharging for my return to Calgary and get rock'n again! I'll miss out 12:34's and late night eureka! Super happy your time in Canada was fun... Even though you're afraid of Elk! Scary scary elk. Watch out:)
@DJ *eek* elks!

I miss 1234's too! I had to go with 1900's over here:(

My stay in Calgary exceeded my expectations by far (and they were already sky-high) :D