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@Alan... quote from the article...


We’re hard at work on the Revolution v2 platform
..... What to take away from that, hmmmm?...:)
Yeah, I saw that.

There have been little incremental improvements in Revolution bots that DJ hasn't announced when they happened, but came up in threads. The new Ping sensor, magnets in the EZ-B and Revolution bots to better hold the EZ-B in the bot without relying on the mini-deans to be tight enough, the new HDD continuous rotation servos. Only one we got a pre-announcement on lately was the new HDD servos coming next month (and actually, I think that is wise of EZ-Robot... They have previously pre-announced things too early, and plans have changed or they had issues. Better to wait until manufacturing has started so as not to stall sales of existing product, or get a ton of "when is the inverted pendulum going to be released" type questions).

I am sure as well as the improvements in the electronics they have been designing new bits and new robots to showcase them.

Inverted pendulum has been cancelled until further notice - and was removed from the website many months ago

As for the Revolution v2 - we're working on it, as the article suggests:D Far away from introducing details at this point. I'm guessing 2 years out. But, it'll be awessssssooooome!

Thanks for sharing the article, Alan:D
@DJ Sures: Congratulations on the article!:)