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Nice Hexapod

Hey DJ nice hexapod on your desk, who makes it or is that something your making.
P.S. the office cam is locked up:)


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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Purely speculation based on hints dropped and photos seen but the revolution will bring a modular system of robot parts. Hexapod bodies and legs, biped legs, heads, etc. I'm guessing the hexapod on the workbench is part of this:)
shhhhh .... it's a secret! :D
@Lori lol right... Right;)

I'm looking forward to some more walking robots up in here! Maybe someone will make the AT walker or Scout from star wars.
@Rich you're just too observant! It's going to be tough to keep secrets and surprises from you guys:P
United Kingdom
My bad, was that supposed to be a secret?:D

I'm too nosey, which isn't all it's cracked up to be... it's like opening all your presents before Christmas. I'm sure there are still surprises that I don't know (or have assumed, stumbled upon or whatever) about though.
there is no bad. :D
ok NOW im getting interested:D
i have been looking at the piles of parts on the bench close up and wondering just what they all are for and if they will soon be on the market
Im holding out for the humanoid that lori is holding in the picture, Im just praying that it'll be less than $400. But I suppose that after the cost of the ez-b, the camera and 14 servos, that might be a lil difficult... I dont care, i want one:D
I want the hexapod, but I want it BIG about 2 feet in diameter.
United Kingdom
With a saddle so you can ride it?:D
Yep, Hi Ho Hexapod, away.:D
@DJ hey if you need a beta tester send one my way.
I really need a ED 209 to guard my yard:p
Hey Kenny ... I have a feeling you will be pretty happy in the near future. :)
That would probably be two of us. I'm very interested in bipeds. I'm just not there yet;)
i 3 have a big interest in bipeds
hehehe :D
@Lori If I may pry a little? How "Happy" will he be$;)

@jstarnes1 " I'm looking forward to some more walking robots up in here! Maybe someone will make the AT walker or Scout from star wars."

That was one of my inspirational ideas that led me to ezb;) I'm still getting familiar with it all but I've had my eye out for a suitable one of those for a few months. Now that I've played with the EZB a little bit I don't think I'll have too much of a problem making it happen. (It was going to be one of my secret projects. I have a few toys in mind that I'll eventually put my current Ez-B in. I plan to join the Revolution late Summer early Autumn as well.;) ) Garage sale season is coming and there a few annual rummage sales in the Summer. Every now and then I find a Hidden Treasure and I usually see some cool Star Wars stuff so I'm hoping for some luck this year.