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Nice Hackable Robot (Cool Head)

this looks a cool robot to hack.the face is awesome.
i ask the seller for a video.

User-inserted image

ebay robot COCO


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i forgot the link.its 39 euro free chipping.


Yeah, the face is cute, but that's not a face that will discourage me from taking the money out of it. That is like a "Yay! Let's buy candy!" face ;)
haha i allreddy ordered one. :Dand i have 1 ezbv4 and some servo's left .so the fun can start.
Have you noticed how we are inclined to accept/trust a happy face? I think that when SkyNet begins the takeover, what we battle will look something like this:

User-inserted image
@WarPig I have always found the scariest things are cute or happy looking things acting menacingly... *eek*
o oh ,this looks menacingly.lol.

User-inserted image