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Newbie Question: Speech Synthesis

Hi All, think this is a simple question. When Roli starts up sound works fine. When I attempt to add the Speech Synthesis Control to my I click start and no sound. If I try and it as a script - still nothing.

This is the script I tried...


Not sure what I'm not doing right. Any help is appreciated!

  • Steve

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  1. Are you connected to your ezb (solid blue or green led on the ezb)?
  2. When you turn on your ezb does it make a chime sound when it boots up?
  3. Does say("hello") work through your pc speakers?

SayEZB command will only work within a script.... You mentioned you tried to use it elsewhere... Where else were you trying to us the SayEZB command?


The Speech Synthesis Control will only speak through your PC speakers...

You use the sayEZB() command in scripts... If ARC is not connected to your ezb4, then there will be no sound or any other control for that matter from your ezb... As I mentioned if the LED light on your ezb (green or blue) is flashing then ARC is not connected to your ezb....


Thanks - that was it. I had to restart the software and now the script is working.