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New V4 Camera

Just got my EZ4s today... After a long Canada (take your sweet time) Post journey... Just started messing with them.... Right off... The camera is absolutely brilliant! What a difference over the V3...

Well done DJ and team...:)


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LoL, Richard R. tis about time you got your goodies. Possibly the weather had an impact in getting to you. Alas, I did not order the V4 camera when I ordered the EZB(4). Kicking myself now.

United Kingdom

I'm having a huge problem with my camera... but only in the fact I now want to change Melvin's old V3 out for the V4 and the camera wont fit where the old one is.

But you are correct, the camera is incredibly impressive!


Well Doc... never too late to throw in an order for a couple... If you can believe that it took almost 2 weeks to ship to me.. and I am in the same country to boot... Rich probably got his faster... Anyway all is good... Christmas in May is just as sweet... So, like some others, I have had a few minor network issues, but they have been worked out now... Just running some tests with sensors, servos and a sabertooth motor controller...


Richard I am so glad you got it! I was wondering if Canada Post had gotten their act together. :)


Hey Aislinn... I was just thinking... If my Roli kit had of been ready too, you could have just thrown my EZ4 boards inside him and drove him here faster than Canada Post... :P All is good now...

P.S. Thanks for all your help by the way....



Haha no problem! You are right- we probably could have gotten him there faster that way! I don't know what kind of condition he would have been on arrival, but we could have made a documentary out of it! ;)


@Richard - Canada post did the opposite to me. They originally said my delivery date was Wed. 28 (one week from ship date), but I picked it up last night (26th). They are hit or miss with their deliveries.