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Hello, my daughter is in 10th grade stem at a tech school. She is starting a Genius hour project. She choose to build a robot. due to the high cost of robotics i cannot afford to buy all the parts for this. She has a old roboquad and a really old rc truck.

Her theory for this is: Strip RC truck down to chassis. Remove and replace old servo for steering and connect it to EZb. take legs off Roboquad. attach Roboquad to RC chassis. Run two wires to Roboquad head for EZb. Attach Camera ( from Drone ) to RoboQuad head and run wire to EZb. Camera will need to Pan 360deg and tilt up and down. Build or salvage extendable arm to Roboquad back. Program

She has asked me for help with this project. First i need to do this as cheaply as possible. If i buy the EZ B Tiny here are some questions i have. any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

  1. can i use a camera from a small Drone? if so how do i connect it to the EZb
  2. Is there a special servo for steering? ( on the old RC truck )
  3. What type of wireless remote is best and compatible with EZb? we have PS2 and Dreamcast.

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  1. No - all DIY cameras use different protocols and are not standard like a USB with windows device drivers. This means you'll have to use the EZ-B v4 Camera or if your RC car has an onboard PC then you can use a USB camera connected to the PC

  2. All servos that use PWM are natively supported by the EZ-B. That means any hobby servo - although we recommend using HDD Servo because they're the best :). Alternately, you can use other brand servos supported by 3rd party plugins:

  3. The best wireless remote is a Mobile Device (ie ipad, iphone, android phone, android tablet, etc). While you can use a USB joystick on your PC, it is far easier to use a mobile device. You can pick them up cheap, specifically Android tablets (ie Walmart or amazon)

Other questions you never asked...

  1. To tilt and pan the servo, use a Lever HDD Servo-motor with a Rotation HDD Servo-motor and the EZ-B v4 Camera. Otherwise, you can have more fun by simply using a Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes. Because the Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes has a built in camera, pan and tilt servos AND a fun RGB LED that you can program for animations

  2. If the RC car has a speed controller that is PWM, then you can connect that directly to the EZ-B IoTiny easily. They connect and work the same way a standard hobby servo works. Read how a servo works:

If you don't have a PWM speed controller for the R/C, then you'd need to purchase one OR use a 2.5 Amp Motor Controller. Although the RC PWM Speed controllers are the easiest for your setup

  1. To make your own mobile app, it's actually very easy and that's what we do:) Make things easy... Here's the tutorial but I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the learn section activities first...

Looks like DJ has set you up nicely. Welcome and have fun! :)


thank you i probably will have many more questions as we go. lol