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New Star Wars Robot

Check out the new robot that will be on the upcoming Star Wars movie.

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That's so awesome. Now these droids are real is Kenny Baker out of the job?:D

But seriously, I've been a Star Wars nut since forever, and the new preview gave me goosebumps. It's gonna be awesome.


I would really like to know how they built this robot. I can only guess that the head is not really attached but has wheels that enable it to ride around on top of the lower ball. Of course if it got bumped hard it would fall off...LOL. Anybody have any ideas how they did this?


It would also be neat to have a robot head that was suspended magnetically like the the Earth globes you see for sale. like this one Although, I am not sure how much weight they can hold up (doubt it is much). Also wonder if it is easily knocked out of its magnetic zone. If the robot got bumped his head would fall off....:D

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Anybody have one of the sphero bb-8s yet? I picket up the Target remote control one. I've only had about 10 minutes to play with it and I had crap batteries but it was fun. I have some rechargeables plugged in the wall for when I get off work so I'm interested to see if it will perform a little better.

I can confirm that the head is similar to the sphero with magnets on a mast. Not sure how shpero's works completely but the magnets seemed constant. On the Hasbro one they are electro magnets and only stick when the powers on.

That's all the info I have that I haven't seen on the internets already.


Retraction: I spent some more time with the Hasbro BB-8 and the magnets are always active. I guess I was just in a hurry to play with the toy and didn't spent enough time trying to line things up before I put the batteries in. Just wanted to post the correction and not misinform anyone.

I did see a vid of a guy who cut open the sphero BB-8 and it looked as though the mast may rotate on it. The Hasbro version doesn't.

I've hopes to snag the sphero version soon. I'm curious to see if the existing EZ sphero controls work or if it will even connect. I never bothered to get sphero so I don't know much about it. Yet.