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New Soundlogic Small Bluetooth Unit

Just wanted to share with the community.
I am programmed to look for robot parts!
We purchased this great sounding little BT unit @ Menards clearance sale for only $13.50
I purchased one for my grandson, then sent my son back for another.
The Mini USB charging port is on the same side as the blue LED indicator.

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User-inserted image


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Here is another unit that works great It has am/fm ,bluetooth and lithium rechargeable battery.Also has aux input jack and sd card slot. You can find at Walmart or on Ebay.

User-inserted image
That's cool, are you planning to use it in one of your planned projects?
I have one more EZB3 left, might build some sort of small six?
I have installed one in Super Omnibot and the other in Moshi.Works great .In project showcase