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New Rss Feed Function

I have a question for all you computer savy people concerning RSS feeds. I'm attemping to use the new RSS feed function in ARC. I am using Windows7 and have downloaded Google reader. I have saved the EZ-Robot RSS and it is in my saved RSS feeds list.I wrote a script called; EZ-Robot update and saved it. When I click on "Start" it says: "Here is the lastest EZ-Robot forum update" It then reads the latest update. Works just fine. I then saved an RSS National Weather Service ,local weather report. It shows up in my saved "Feeds". Clicking on it brings the correct page up. The URL for that page reads:

In the script I wrote; speakRSS(

It does say; "here is the most recent weather update" Then it fails to read the feed. Am I doing something wrong? I selected the feed for , Florida, Marion County. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Where Exactly did you find the RSS feed function in ARC? or is it in windows?

I have found that some of them work and some of them do exactly what you are saying. The ones in windows. I would like for EZ to do it through their program.




@ DJ: Thanks for the clarification. I've been looking at the National Weather Service website, however as I follow the links I'm not seeing any URL links that look like the one you are using. There is a link to Florida, Marion County (county I live in) followed by the RSS logo and a "ATOM" logo. Clicking on that takes me to a page with the URL you are telling me is invalid. I have downloaded the Google reader. Is the Google reader the problem perhaps? May I ask what reader you are using? I've never used RSS feeds before, so perhaps I'm lost! I really love all the new functions you are adding to EZ-B, ARC, but sometimes it can be confusing when one has never used some of todays new tech (like RSS feeds). So it's not a problem with EZ-Robot; it's an internet thing! I'll just have to keep trying to learn how to use RSS feeds. While I have you attention DJ, would you please check out my post on camera tracking? Thanks,


@ DJ: I wrote a script that I named Weather report script. The script was exactly as follows:

user phrase "Give me a weather update please"

Say ("Here is the most recent weather update") SpeakRSS("";)

I put that URL into my browser window;pressed enter, and it opened the correct page. I then clicked on "Subscribe to this feed" I then checked my browser "FEEDS" tab and it showed up there. However................when I click on "Start" in the weather report script, it does say; "here is the most recent weather update"...................................then nothing! It still does not speak the rss feed. What am I doing wrong?????? (Note: I saved the feed from EZ Robot and it works just fine) I know you are busy DJ, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lloyd

United Kingdom

Hi Lloyd oddly I tried this today and it worked if you use the speech recognition panel. Try leaving out the Quotes

Well it didn't work for me at 1st now works fine I think the URL wasn't working odd?

Just spotted a GPS command in the script list going to play with that


I tried playing with the RSS feed some more. I used the RSS URL you sent me DJ. However......... It only reads the headlines in each new post. It DOES NOT read the entire post! So, all I'm getting is the hour and the date. Is anyone else having a problem using the RSS feed function? I've tried several different URL's that show up when I click on RSS or XML, all to no avail. The only one that has worked any at all is the one you sent me. I'm still puzzled. Any help appreciated.


I am trying to get daily RSS Horoscopes. I can't make it work. Also, trying Thought for Today and daily Joke.

I have weather, news, and crime report.

I could not get a Simple Time-Date-Day of the week. ????


@ Mel : How about you share your weather and news URL's with me so I can maybe get it working too. I finally got my new motor drivers today. Put the new one in and works great! Here it was a bad board all along! All that frustration and it wasn't me doing anything wrong! Damn!!!! Now, on to the next problem. Camera. I'm wondering if I have a bad camera too? I'll order another one and try it again. I'm thinking RSS feeds aren't standardized and will have to try different ones until I find one that works. Now it will be another 2 to 3 weeks waiting on a new camera.


OK, I will post the newsweather project to the Cloud in the PUBLIC area.


OK, I have it posted in the Public Area under NEWSWEATHER.

good Luck.


Get the latest ARC and look in the File->Examples menu for an RSS project. It will demonstrate how to use the RSS for weather assigned to speech functions.

It is currently set for Marion Florida for Lloyd