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New Preorder Camera Specs

Did i read somewhere a few days ago that the new camera that's being offered in preorder status is better and stronger then the old one that was offered? I thought I read this new one will be faster and have better resolution for better tracking and responce. Is this correct? If so are there any other nice upgrades?


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Is that the new EZB camera?
Not much info about EZB.
Looks like I spoke too soon.. I will get the camera specs and post them today!
Thanks for the links and ideas. However I've already ordered one of these new cameras. I'm looking forward to seeing what these new cameras can do.
Sorry about the delay, I had to wait until I got back to the shop to actually measure the camera. The camera itself is a 22.2mm [0.88"] square, but remember this will have an injection molded case around it that will make it slightly bigger (has yet to be delivered so we haven't released any photos yet). The depth of the camera is 17.3mm [0.681"] from lens to the back of the cables.

The new camera resolution is VGA quality (640 x 480) which is double what the previous camera was able to display and the resolution won't degrade over distance as the previous camera did either. Another thing it has going for it is that it has a high image frame rate compared to other cameras, I still haven't found the maximum rate but I will post it when I find it.

I can also tell you that this camera is pretty light weight, perfect for even the smallest or flying robot!
Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to receiving mine. I hope it works better than the old one and it sounds like it will.
United Kingdom
Not really relevant to the EZ-B camera but this is a really useful review site for action cams and dash cams
click here there are a lot of you tube reviews of lots of tech stuff (mostly cameras)and its all done with quite a dry sense of humour worth a look.

A couple of things are relevant to EZ-B builders though and that is the performance of the camera in various lighting conditions, lens angle, resolution etc etc so its worth studying these carefully. Currently the best camera for a dash cam for instance is this one the Mobius 1080p
Well worth a view