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Just a quick introduction and 'hello' from Belgium.

I have bought the DIY kit last week (it is still in the post) and intend to convert a U-Command Wall-E and make it as autonomous as possible. I’m working as an IT specialist and have a lot of programming experience (including VB) so hopefully that will help. Nevertheless it is a steep learning curve and I spent already many hours reading the forum and tutorials.

Perhaps a small question already. Is there a way to determine the exact location a robot is in the house, so he can be directed to go to another location?

Kind regards Johan


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welcome am from belgium to, a newbie ,so i cant help much. but there is in ARC a tool calt mapping and also gps.



If you have VB experience, ARC and EZ-Script will be a snap for you. If your experience is in VB.NET, there is also an SDK, but very unlikely you will need it unless you want to integrate to a 3rd party device that doesn't have direct ARC support.

There are several members working on strategies for the robot to self identify its location. If you don't mind sticking QR codes on your walls, the easiest seems to be using the built in ability to recognize a QR code. More advanced navigation can be done with RoboRealm and it's AVM module. It supports advanced object recognition, and can pass variables to ARC which can then be used in your projects. There is a lot of discussion in this thread about the different strategies:


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Welcome to the forum @JS1. You will have a lot of fun with the development kit, and someone with your working background should pict up EZ Script in no time. Not wanting to disagree with @nomad, but using GPS, although possible, is not that accurate when used inside. I don't have much to add at this point as this is something I still need to look in to myself, but there are certianly options out there such as what @therechguru has already mentioned, and worth looking in to.

Again, a warm welcome, and I look forward to seeing your progress with your Wall-e project.:)


Welcome! Your going to have the time of your life!


Hi all

many thanks for the nice welcome and the tips ! Looking forward to post my progress !

kind regards Johan



Welcome ! I'm pretty sure that you'll find this forum very entertaining and you'll meet and learn many interesting people/things. Nice to hear you're also into VB. I love it !

Greetz, PhG


I am thinking that the Lidar is the way to go because it can act as the sensor to identify where a robot is and what room the robot is in (say by comparing to a stored map). The problem is that there is no EZ-B compatible software available to make this happen ...