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Asked — Edited

New Hdd Servos

received 10 new HDD servos and just had a chance to try them out,

all I can say is "WOW" these things are frickin awesome, absolutely zero holding noise and generally quieter over all

Well done DJ, you really have out done yourself with these new servos

on a side note regarding shipping, for 10 servos I was quoted and charged for a "DHL 1.7kg weight " package @ $62USD, servos were sent in a "DHL 0.5kg" sachet, is this normal or is there a problem with the shipping calculator?



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Thanks for the great feedback Nick! We're incredibly happy with how the HDD's turned out and love hearing community feedback on them.

I'll look into the shipping to double check how it was calculated and contact you via email with my findings regarding your specific order.
thanks Alan,

just used some for a new inmoov neck mechanism http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2059967 and the difference between the old and new is amazing

I personally found the servo buzzing really frustrating because it always made it sound like there was something wrong, these new servos for me are a game changer