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New Ezmqtt Broker And Client Plugins

Thanks for these DJ. I am looking forward to trying them out. I can think of dozens of uses....



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Just wait till you see what we are working on for the next EZ-B IoTiny firmware...
Are you expecting them back in stock in February? I missed ordering the first round.

Alan, can I ask what you plan to do with the mqtt broker/client? I am not up on that kind of stuff. An example would be cool so I can maybe determine some usage for this as well. Thanks. Chris
They were next in queue for manufacturing - which I believe is completed February (after Chinese New Year). I know a large quantity of the modules were programmed. Now they will be populating the pcb. February sounds about right.
@Kamaroman69 my main use will be for sharing variables between different robots running with different computers.

There are also a lot of home automation and IoT applications that use mqtt that I want to explore, and having the robot(s) integrated into that interests me.

For instance, I could have motion sensor in one room detect movement, and post a message to the MQ Broker. The nearest robot would be dispatched to that room to further investigate and interact with the guest, intruder, or more likely, the cat.