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New Ezb V4 Controller Connects And Disconnects On ARC Windows, Mobile. Cam


I have owned a EZB v3 for 4years and it worked fine.

I just received a brand new EZBv4 controller and camera yesterday. I bought fresh rechargeable batteries and powered it up. Did the startup speech, networked it with my windows computer, tried my android phone and my win10 tablet. It connects "DING!" and then disconnects in a second. Funny thing is the Camera stays connected to the EZB software on the computer. it lasts longer on the Android app, but no servo moves, no sound plays,,,

I'm hoping this is something very simple:)

Thanx; Rob


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What does it say in the debug window when the connection drops? If you use Avast or another (although Avast seems most problematic) Internet protection, it could be blocking the EZ-B in its firewall. Try disabling, and if that works you can set an exception for the EZ-B ip address or for port 23. (the fact that the camera stays connected is a good hint. Lots of firewalls aggressively block port 23 because it runs telnet, an often abused service).


Oh! I do use avast! Let me check:)


Nope. And it just says " disconnected", when I click on anything . I have avast disabled. There is also a red light next to the reset button on ezb.


I closed ARC and reopened! Working ! I new it was something simple! Thanx again, Alan!;) it's singing to me and servos moving and not disconnecting:)


" it's alive! It's alive!"


I am not totally familiar with the menu in Avast, but I know you can find what it blocked and set exceptions. It wasn't hard to find the one time I remotely accessed another users PC and found that was the issue. (I should have grabbed screen shots)



I can disable when I'm using for robot. I've had avast block medical software in a client's office, so it made perfect scense:) Thanx to the next crisis! Lol