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New Ez Robot Logo ?

I noticed a new logo sneak in. It's on the ezb case in the picture and now replaces the white biped robo and is in the upper left hand of the website.

User-inserted image

it's small , i tried blowing it up on my phone but it became pixilated so i just used the dry erase board.


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United Kingdom
It's on the website already dude... it has been for a few days.

User-inserted image

You may need to refresh your browser for it to show up.
i don't know if that's the official new logo or if it is still experimental. I think I noticed about a week ago on the website. How do you like it?
United Kingdom
Oh I thought you only said you spotted it on the case...

Yes, official new logo.
It sorta reminds me of HARDAC the supercomputer who wanted to take over the world from the batman comic books. He popped out human like robots to replace real people.
User-inserted image
I think the new camera/shroud will be in the shape of the new logo as well.