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New Ez Robot Accessories?

New EZ Robot Accessories? The EZ Robot Revolution has been a great achievement! D.J. and the awesome EZ Robot team deserve a great applause. I have a J.D. and my grandkids love it! How cool is it singing and dancing? My Mini 6 fabricated robot has been so much fun and satisfying building and operating. I love fabricating my own robots! The new EZB4 is a big advancement. I love looking at new robots and ideas! Maybe EZ Robot can offer a "STEP UP" with accessories", like PIR sensors for left or right awareness, with basic app script. There are so many basic add ons that people would buy to help them achieve there robotic dreams. I know there has been a reference to navigation, another great accessory. I know we can acheive this individually, but why not offer these options? I think this would be a great option for users and EZ Robot. Steve S ;) ;)


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@Steve... I do agree with you that I would like the online store to grow... I have to say things like PIRs can be picked up from eBay for buck or two... Not a big profit margin for ez robot... I think it would be nice to see things that aren't common and are not a dime a dozen... I know Dj is working on a wifi camera... I think that would make a great option in the store... :)