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New Camera

Does anyone have any pics of the new camera out of its plastic case? I do not use the plastic case on my old camera and had some custom machined mounting made for it. I read somewhere that the new camera has a heat sink on the back of it. A quick look at any pics would be helpful, thanks. Chris


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Look in the online store (products section).... There are a few pictures of the camera connected to the ezb and such (sans shell)...


I opened mine up and took two pictures for you. I didn't remove it because the foam behind the heat sink makes it difficult to pull the lens out of the case without pulling the foam first, which appeared to be glued in (didn't pull out with a gentle tug). Even with the heat sink, it is thinner than the old 2 board camera which would not have fit in the case with that foam piece there.


User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thank you Alan! So by looks of it , it went to a single board design with heatsink. This will definitely require changes on my end. Thank you very much! Chris


Hey, as a side note, I figured I'd jump in and mention that the foam piece inside the camera enclosure is not glued in place, it can be pressed in there a bit tight at times but it will slide out if you need it to. Alan is correct that the foam will have to be removed before the camera can be removed from the enclosure.


Thanks Jeremie. I didn't want to try to hard since my goal was not to permanently remove the camera. I gave a tug and it didn't move, so I just took pictures with it in place.