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New Arduino Sensors....Little Help


I just picked up some sensors for my wall-e
1 parallax ping sensor
2 parallax PIR sensors
and 1 china maid smoke sensor (cool right?)

All sensors have 3 pins coming from them,
I also bought a bunch of female to female servo cables...so i can connect all sensors to ezb with no soldering.

the parallax sensors, i feel will be pretty straight forward

The smoke sensor im afraid to try...
i know i connect them all to the analog side of the ezb.....but what control (widget) would i use in the software? lol no smoke sensor options in the "add a control tab"

already in mail are the light density sensor, touch sensor and sound sensors (2 of them one for each side.


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ok, just answering my own questions for future robot builders to look up answers....not that i ask good questions or anything,

But the smoke sensor...

I was able to connect it as an analog port....it tells me when its active and then when i blow smoke at it...the indicator graph shoots up....

once that is set up...i go to script and make a command...

so awesome!

same thing with the PIR sensor....
btw PIR sensor from radio shack has a huge range of motion....not a good thing....goes off all the damn time

so i drilled a small hole, to limit the range of trigger...

next up...light density sensor and sound sensors
check out the AMN22111 sensor with analog output for PIR sensor ,also same company has different part # for different type of motion and outputs AMN22111 has a very small motion detect

check out my ROVER HACK it uses one,fairly low cost ,but best is small size
better one is TPA81 is the best on the market but near $90