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Need Some Help

I need some help with my EZ-b i got it connected with my bluetooth on my laptop the green light comes on but here is the thing if i try to move it the green light goes off i have to sit it back down for it to come back on does anyone no why it is doing this i just got it yesterday?


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Hey there Zake,

I moved this post into its own thread, as it wasn't relevant to the Artificial Intellegence conversation.

I will need clarification on what you mean by having to sit back down and moving it?

In the meantime, check the batteries to make sure they are new. Also, a list of peripherals you have connected to the EZ-B will help us diagnose your setup. :)


I figured it out they forgot to solder one wire on the board it was hovering there in the middle so every time i moved it the wire would connect to the metal on the board kinda like Operation the game you touch the sides the light goes off easy fix i just soldered the wire and it is up and going. but thank you for the quick response DJ Sures.


Glad you figured it out! Sorry to hear about the trouble. You have great technical skills :)


Sure will! In fact, I ordered a bunch of them the other day. Not those ones, I found cheaper ones without the "rainbow" colors.

Here is the link to the ones i bought: L298N H Bridge DC stepper Motor Driver Board module

It say stepper motor, but the l298n is just a regular hbridge. It will work with regular 2 motor setups also. The above link has a chart near the bottom of the ad. The ad shows the input and output.

When the boards arrive, i'll throw up a tutorial video. Stuff from china takes a while to get to canada.


Sweet. Just picked up a couple of those bad boys for myself!


Thank you DJ Sures i will be ordering and thanks for the quick response. hopefully i can get this omnibot to do stuff like yours. i got him off ebay for $40 dollars took me a while to gut him did not have it in me at first.