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Need Some Advice And Help With Code

Need some advice and help with code.

I am making a motorized bi-fold door opener / closer using a stepper (nema17) and belt system, a momentary switch and 2 limit switches. I don't think this is a good task for an EZb4 or io Tiny as I don't need it to be wifi activated or the processing power it has.(although being cool it would be impractical)

I think because it is a simple repeating task an Arduino would be fine .

Any advise is welcome!

I would like someone to do the code work and would be happy to compensate them for their coding time.

I can use an easy driver or a standard A4988 stepper driver or straight from the arduino. Probably a micro.

I will be installing an over-tension switch to kill the power if the door is prevented from closing or opening. After the obstruction is cleared the loop could be started again with the momentary switch.

What I want the method and mechanism do is:

1, Press momentary switch,

2, Have the stepper activate and move the door until the (left) limit switch is triggered, then stop.  Door is OPEN.  Stepper is Disabled . 

3, Press momentary again,  

4, If, (left) Limit switch is triggered then move the bi-fold door in other direction until  (right) limit switch is triggered, then stop. Door is CLOSED.  Stepper is Disabled 

5, The whole thing repeats, waiting for the momentary switch to be pressed.

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I can help, i'm looking for a stepper to replicate your idea.


@ptp, Thanks very much. I can send you a stepper and a couple of limit switches if you don't have one.


No need ... I took a broken cdrom's stepper... i'm adding some switches to recreate the scene !


ok awesome, my stepper has 4 wires - some of the cdrom steppers have 6 or 8 wires


Ptp, This is great. Thanks so much for your effort. I wasn't expecting you to duplicate what I wanted to do but you nailed it. Exactly what I needed.

Thanks again. Tony


I'm glad it helped.

btw you can delete your email.

I did it, to explain to my kids why i keep a lot of old/broken stuff in the closet. The importance of recycling etc etc.

I had like 5 minutes fame! Showing my useless creation after that ... Came the question so what are you going to do next... are you building a better cd rom ?

I said no... and then they said "OK"

so that's it!


Sweet, I understand! Thanks :)