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Need Old Version 2014.03.03

I am in need of version 2014.03.03 msi file so I can uninstall it and upgrade to the new version. I could not find a repository of old versions on the site, but maybe I am searching wrong.

Thanks! Kate


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There is not a repository for old versions, though a member might have it.


I am confused... why do you need an old version in order to upgrade? What happens when you download the current version and install it? Doesn't it uninstall the old version then install the new one automatically? I mean, that's what happens when I install new versions, anyway...


I tried to download the new version, which attempts to uninstall the old version. But it requests the old .msi file to uninstall properly.


Have you tried to uninstall it using windows "uninstall program" feature?


Yes. Same thing requesting the .msi. I have Windows 10 so it's probably messed up.


See this thread for a fix:



Yup that uninstaller fixer did the trick. Thank you!