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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Need Help On Hbridge, Please

OK, I have:

Left trigger A 16
Left trigger B 17
Right trigger A 18
Right trigger B 19

When I hit forward, it goes to the right.
when I hit backward, it goes to the left.
when I hit Right it goes forward.
and when I hit Left it goes backwards.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in Advance.


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United Kingdom
In ARC change your ports for the H-Bridge.

Think logically, since it turns right when you hit forward you know the right motor must be spinning backwards when it should spin forwards. This indicates the right triggers are around backwards. This is confirmed by the other behaviour.

So change Right Trigger A to 19 and Right Trigger B to 18, that should fix it.

Additional info
For information (in case you wanted to know how to figure it out)
To move forwards the motors must;
Left: Forwards
Right: Forwards

To move reverse the motors must;
Left: Reverse
Right: Reverse

To move left the motors must;
Left: Reverse
Right: Forwards

To move right the motors must;
Left: Forwards
Right: Reverse

So, if it's turning right when it should go forwards the motors are;
Left: Forwards
Right: Reverse
When they should be;
Left: Forwards
Right: Forwards
So the right triggers appear to be backwards. Swap them around and check.
Once again, Thank You for sharing your genius with us.

Now it moves forward as directed and backwards as told.
Since I put the top on in reverse, the backwards goes way faster than the forward.
When it tries to move Left, it moves so slowly.
when it tries to move Right, it just gives it a BUMP in the right direction. But you have solved for the direction problem. It could be that my batteries are low.

Thank You!
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United Kingdom
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