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Désolé mais je suis Français et je ne parle pas suffisamment bien l'anglais pour écrire dans cette langue.

J'ai récemment fait l'acquisition d'un robot JD Humanoïde mais il n'y a pas de :
- notice de montage
- notice d'utilisation, mode d'emploi, etc.
- de cd avec le logiciel de programmation
Comment peut on se procurer tous ces éléments (en anglais et/ou en français) ?
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
Patrice 7527


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Thank you
I need more than that but it's a beginning
what are you looking for
United Kingdom



Sorry but I'm French and I do not speak English well enough to write in that language.

I recently acquired a JD Humanoid robot but there is no :
- Assembly instructions
- User guide, user manual, etc.
- Cd with the programming software
How can I get all these elements (in English and / or French ) ?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Patrice 7527

Use the Learn section, it shows how to use your robot.
User guide etc. is the learn section and the software.
The software is constantly updated therefore a CD version would be of no use. Download ARC from the website's software section.

Following the tutorials in the Learn section will answer all of your questions.

what are you using ,a pc win7 or win8 ?
Thank you for your translation.
I shall wish to get myself documentations under paper shape either in the form of file PDF.
I use Windows 7
ask as many question you need.did you download ARC?
Yes I downloaded the software but believing that I missed the note of assembly and the instructions for use of the software I stopped.
I possess several robots and every time there is or a CD or instructions for use and notes downloadable.
United Kingdom
The assembly instructions are both in the software and in the learn section.

Download ARC
Install ARC
Open ARC
Open the Example Project for the Revolution Robot you purchased
You will be asked if you need the assembly instructions, click yes
Follow the on screen instructions

Also, visit the Learn section and carry out all tutorials for the specific robot you have purchased along with any general tutorials.

Everything you need is on the website. There are no hard copy or CD versions. If you require a hard copy you will need to print out the relevant sections of the site yourself.
Thank you very much for your help.
My problem is that I still have no possibility of connecting me to internet and that I prefer to read a paper document rather than a screen.
I am going to begin with the software and I shall see.
Are informed you of the event INNOROBO on 2015 in LYON on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd?
1-cannecting the eznv4 to the internet
2-callibrate all servo's
3-assemble the robot
4-do the fine tune off the servo's

when all is correct the robot stands whit his arms side ways open.

User-inserted image
Our Learn section is the most important area - as it includes step by step tutorials. We will never include paper instructions - ever. We are a green company with environmental respect.

Additionally, the online learn section is a resource which we can easily update - unlike paper.

Please use the learn section. We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting the learn section for you. We have 7 year olds using the learn section - I'm confident that you too!:D