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Resolved Resolved by CochranRobotics!

Need Ez Bit

I went to print my ez bit for the bottom of the camera and my stl file is corrupt. I went to the cloud to get the file from the Rover and nothing is there today. Does anyone know where I can grab a copy of the bottom of the camera case? I believe it is part P200 A-01.stl


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Thanks @d.cochran but I am getting the same errors with the new download. Now I know where to get the bits which is what I asked for. I guess I need to send it to be repaired. I know there is a site I can send it to but for the life of me I can't find it.
Anyone know where I can send the file for repair?
bookmaker.when you download a file ,do you change the name orso?
You can download NetFabb and use the repair function within that software. The basic version is free. Repair is enabled in the basic version.
@bookmaker32 What software are you using to open the STL file?
Gee guys, thanks for all the reply's. I found Netfab and it fixed my stl. I use Turbocad 20 professional as my cad software and I have printed hundreds of files without a hitch. This one just messed up I guess because I had printed it before and the download from the EZ-B site was corrupt also. Netfab is a fabulous. @nomad18.08 I don't usually change the name just to print.