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Need A Few Questions Answered About Ping And Sharp.

I have two PING units and Two sharp units. I need for the robot to work Anonymously.

I have the lost ball and follow the ball script. I need to know why it follows the ball but does not STOP until after the ball is out of the field of view running over everything in it's path.

My questions are falling on DEAF Ears. I have seen and read ALL of the tutorials, I have seen ALL of the videos. My results are NOT what I have been expecting.

  1. Is it possible to have TWO Sharp Units and TWO PING units and Navigate Anonymously?

  2. Is there a script somewhere were the robot goes around and doesn't run into things because it sees them and knows to stop before running over them.

This is Frustrating! I am almost there.

D.J. - some feedback, Please.



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Lol you sound as if this is our(community) fault or DJ's fault. Where is the fun in creating something when you need someone else to code for you or help you in this.

As for 2 pings, yes I am using 2 sharps to read diff data.

One or right foot and the other on left foot.

I am. Not sure how you want to config your data in such a way to make you bot stop. May be create a else if script or a stop script.

Show us your code on what you are working on to get a better picture.

PS: you can ask for help. You cannot demand for help.....


"2. Is there a script somewhere were the robot goes around and doesn't run into things because it sees them and knows to stop before running over them."

Check this one out, about three minutes into the video.


Thanks for the Reply.

I am up in age and don't hve the patience I used to have. I was certainly not angry with D.J. or the group. I was simply FRUSTRATED with myself and the Robot. I was not trying to demand. I was just feeling ignored.

I am sorry. :-(

P.S. I have seen that video and have adjusted accordingly.



Ok MovieMaker, This could be a case of der..Hazbot.. I know that anyway and I'm not sure about using the camera with script to be autonomous but to run autonomous with ping I have to have Radar Scan, Ping collision and ping distance all running. Once running I just use the Movement Panel to start him forward and he just keeps going, roaming around and avoiding things. I have reverse back before turning checked in the Radar Scan control and Bob reverses back away from chairs and tables with no problems.


It finally worked sortof, when I did ONLY the Object avoidance and ONLY the Ping.

I have decided to start over from scratch and attempt to reprogram in c.


There you go, a start. Kinda what I was telling you to do, go back to the beginning to check if it worked to begin with. Think you mean c# (or c++), c is a different language.


yeh, I meant c#.

I did really good programming the Arduino in it's environment. But, I have done Lousy with trying to compile in MSvisual Studio. I am fine writing the program, just have trouble compiling it. But, D.J. has made it EZ I hope.

Marty is a lot prettier than in her picture. She has blue eyes and has some angles that look good. Of course , in a Miss Piggy way.

Thanks for Everyone's support.