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Neat Robots From The Automata Movie

Hope this movie is released to the UK, some very cool robots.



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hope this movie comes to belgium.


I watched the movie as well and it reminded me of Bladerunner meets the movie A.I.

Its set in the future. We've ruined the world (as we tend to do) and built a ton of robots to help take care of us and try to clean up our poisonous world. These robots have 2 rules set in their kernel (their core OS).

The first is they may not harm anything living The second is they may not alter themselves.

No other rules. I don't want to give any more of the story away incase anyone else watches it. I found it to be thought provoking with the question of should a robot have the ability to modify, fix and improve itself. That is one of the cutting edge areas of artificial intelligences research; giving a robot the ability to self modify and improve its own design. The real question is how successful would we really want it to be at that task?

If my robot broke its arm and I'm 3.5 hours away, it would be nice if it could repair itself.

But if it built a better version of itself, one to which you did not understand how it functioned, how to modify it or how to control it how would you really feel about that?