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United Kingdom
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Neat Robot, Cyborg And Ai Movie Clips

Hi All

If there are any folks on here that like to see robots, cyborgs and artificial intelligence's in movies (that you may of not heard of before) then you need to visit cybertronica obscura on Youtube, there are some great robot film extracts there!

Here is episode 1

Some great robot scifi here, hope you like it!


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United Kingdom
I'll have to check that out! I'll also (when I get chance) post some clips which are amongst my favourite or that have been inspirational (problem is, a lot aren't on youtube)
Your post got me thinking about an old favorite robot (Twiki and Dr. Theo from 70's Buck Rogers) and searching for it lead me to this site. Seems he has the worlds largest robot collections, many I've not seen before. I thought you may be interested.

Hope this falls in line with the original intent of your post.

Worlds Largest Robot Collection
I am being entertained until I can purchase an "AIMEC" robot and a new EZ controller.
I am sure you will share any updates when available.
This was an Antenna TV Movie without any description.
I copied this to my IPhone from my TV, then published to Utube.
A spy plane was misdirecting commands to the robots. The spy plane was shot down.
It looked like an outstanding mobile base ( Maybe B9 like base, that was very functional for a very large, cool old robot?).
Dave, are you watching, I thought of your great build?

United Kingdom
Hi Steve, that robot is Gog which was a 1954 scifi movie, these are neat robots and you can see more of them at the end of episode 2 on cybertronica obscura. I (think in) episode 3 they have the TV adverts for Omnibot and many other robot toys and neat early tech stuff. There are some crazy robot, cyborgs and Ai clips in these episodes!

@mdeming1, thanks for the link.