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Myo Help

Ok so I am trying to use my myo to control my R2... issue is I am having to run the forward .. back... left..right.. stop.. ect with the pose tab as you cant use the positioning to control Movement Panel (move are far right bot goes right... ect) this would not be an issue really, but in order to control with the pose commands you run into this issue... here is an example:

I want to go forward so I have forward mapped to "fist" ( i am using send serial commands to sabertooth btw) in order to move forward safely i have to do it in increments since the myo ez robot control makes you have to "finger to thumb" between poses ( it takes time so you essentially have no control till you can fire off the next command)

the "fist" command looks like this

it would be alot more simple if I could have my arm act like my joystick control that is mapped to my movement panel.

Is there a way to do this?


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Hope this may help
To begin I would disable the "finger to thumb " between poses
go to myo manager if I recall correctly you can untick that option
then all your commands will work independently
Create a script that loops and uses the myo x and y accelerometer positions. That lets you control the robot by changing the angle and roll of your hand.
@djsures can you give me a little example of how the script would look?
Something like this...


IF ($MyoAccelX > 0.5)
ELSE if ($MyoAccelX < -0.5)

*Disclaimer: I do not have a MYO with charged battery at the moment, because they choose to turn themselves on for no reason - that being said, the numbers I quoted above are just guessing. You will have to view the Variable Manager to see what the real variables that you wish to use are.

*Note: you will have to enable the Accelerometer Script function in the MYO config menu.