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My Left Foot

When I power JD on his left foot is not aligned (both servos). When I connect it is fine only happens when I power on. When I go into diagnostic mode it goes to 90 degrees fine. Looks like I have two Servos that have a strange power on location.

Doesn’t do this with my other JD or SIx etc just this one. Any ideas how to fix this.

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If the foot servo is not labeled HDD, that is not unusual. The original servos (and most hobby servos) will jump to a random position when powered up until given a ControlCommand() does (when you initialize with ARC).

@Alan wow you are good. This one came with 2 regular servos and not the new HDD Servos on one foot. Was part of Black Friday sale. I will need to go back and look and see if they said HDD or regular servos in description.
Turns out i receiced 4 feet in my revolution kit (but you are only supposed to get 2). My kit has 2 *feet with HDD and 2* feet with regular servos. One of the ankles on one of my new HDD feet was broken. The thread on the plastic braket had stipped. I had this on another JD before and printed a new one (must be a common problem maybe it should be metal instead of plastic). This time since I had spare feet I just swapped out foot but replacement was the regular servo.

it was a good kit. just by adding some printed parts and 2 dev kits i now have a complete JD, six, roli, flipper and a spare bits and pieces bot.