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My Jd Speaker Doen'T Work

I have resently assembled the JD robot, and I'm quite amazed with him. However he most have lost his voice on his way to my house. The sound that comes out is only very soft, not because the volume has been turned down, but like broken speaker low. Also it has more of a summing sound.

Is it a setting I got wrong, or can it be that the speaker is simply broken? And if so, how do I get it replaced?



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hi proflab

you can open the ezbv4.the speaker sits on two springs. one off them will not sit correctly.check that,els use the form.

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I see Aislinn has bumped this, so hopefully your problem can be resolved here.

It could be that the Speaker may be faulty, but as you are getting some sound it could also mean it might not making good contact as @nomad has already suggested. You can remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the EZ-B, and carefully stretch the small springs so that they make contact with the pads on the bottom of the p/c board.

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This has been tried by other members and has worked for them so it's worth giving it a try yourself. Somebody else had a similar issue recently with having no sound at all from their EZ-B and managed to solve the issue. You can read about it in this thread.


SetVolume( volume ) Sets the volume of the EZ-B v4 speaker The volume can be a value between 0 (quite), 100 (loud), 200 (2x overdrive) The volume can be viewed in the Script Variable Viewer. Example: SetVolume(50) Example: SetVolume(100) Example: SetVolume(150)

Also, as you can see above, in ARC you can adjust the volume of the EZ-B speaker with a simple script as well, so you can try it with the following script...

 #change the number 100 to anything between 0 and 200

sayEZB("This is an e z b speaker volume test. ")

It might not help in your case, but it might be worth playing around with the volume levels to see if it does help in any way. If you're still having problems after trying this, then I would file a product warrenty claim as @nomad suggested.