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My Hearoid Vintage Voice Programable Robot

Hi again everyone, just wanted to share another 1980's vintage robot i recently won in a bid on ebay.

It's a Hearoid Vintage Voice Programmable Robot by TCC.(Sorry title is mis-spelt)

I got this one for a real bargain for the others i've seen for sale are very expensive.

Very happy i now have an Omnibot and Hearoid to restore, upgrade and advance!

I want one robot to be as a companion, to meet and greet friends and carry drinks on what will be a very pimped out beverage table.

The other one will be for security and to function through the night.

Which robot should be the host and indoor watch dog? Personally i think the Hearoid would be good for a host and the Omnibot as the watchdog, but happy to hear what anyone else thinks? : )

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Just waiting for a couple of products to become available before i order it, namely the 4-1 sensor and the RGB 8x8 display. But if they are going to be awhile then best i go ahead and order it.

Great pic Dj, the Robie is very cute, i have one of them also. : )


Just found an Australian distributor for EZ-Robot which is fantastic.:D


The Hearoid, soon to be called S54(Studio54) and the Omnibot will be departing the USA shortly for their voyage to Australia.

To say i can't wait to start building would be an understatement. ; )