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My First Robot

This is a toy I had when I was about 5. It was also the first thing that I remember taking apart and putting back together.:) J.W.


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My Robot Commander was gone like 50 years ago. A funny thing I remember it being bigger . But at 5 I guess it would have been bigger as I was so small then .:) J.W.


That toy is soooooooooooooo retro!!! What a great toy to mod! The creator of it NEVER imagined that it would be able to see and hear and be a real robot someday.


It had voice command ! (sort of) Could have been the first one . LOL ! On the hand control you would turn the knob and it would move up or down to the action you wanted. Then you would yell the command in the mic and it would do it. It wasn't really a mic though but a light weight flapper hooked to a micro switch . Your breath yelling would make the switch. I took it apart to see how it worked and was only 5. I guess that's why at 56 I can make or repair almost anything . LOL!:) J.W.


@ww321q HA Wow! It is amazing how they got around the lack of technology back then. Now i'm laughing.. picturing a bunch of little kids screaming at robots!

Parents must have regreted that purchase:)