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My Ezrobot Voice Recognition And General Talking

How do I get my robot to recognize me and speak to me? I need help programming general speaking and recognition so I can have it say something like hello *name. I want my robot to say SOMETHING!


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Getting your robot to say something is easy enough. Just use the command"SayEZB" in a script, like this:


Put whatever you want the robot to say in place of the word between the quotes.

Getting it to recognize your face and insert your name is quite a bit more complicated.

How about doing this as a start: Place the Speech Recognition control in your project. Then put the phrase "hello" into one of the Phrase boxes. In the script box to the right of the phrase box, put:

SayEZB("Hello, YourName. How are you today.")

Save that and say hello into your microphone. make sure the "Pause" check box in the Speech Recognition control is blank (unchecked).

If you need more detailed information in the steps for doing all this go to the tutorial section, specifically the one on using the Speech Recognition control:

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A simple what to do it is as follows...

Open ARC

Press the "Project" tab from the top ribbon menu of ARC

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Press "Add Control" from the button ribbon bar of ARC

Click on the "Audio" tab

Click the "Speech Recognition" icon to add the control to your project

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Click the little gear icon on the speech recognition control

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Under the "Phrase" list, in an empty text field, type...

hello (this does not have to be case sensitive)

Under the "Commend" list, click on the text input field to the right of "hello", write what follows exactly how it's laid out...

Say("Hello Bob. How are you.")

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Click on "Save" on the bottom of the screen

Make sure the "Pause" box on the speech rec control is unticked.

Now say "Hello" and see if you get a response.

Things to note.

Make sure that your microphone levels are set correctly.

Use a good quality microphone or headset microphone for better recognition.

Train your computers speech recognition so it better understands you. If your not sure how to do this, click here and look at post #22 for a step by step guide.

If your computer or robot does not speak back, check and adjust the "Confidence Levels" in the speech recognition configuration menu (little gear icon).

There are two ways to get your robot to speak to you. Using the Say("") script command, your robot will talk through your computer. Using the SayEZB("") script command, your robot will speak through the EZ-B controller speaker.

Hope that helps, and if you get stuck let us know what problems you have.:)

Below is a useful link that explains the speech recognition control.

Speech Recognition Control

And you can click below for a speech recognition project I recently worked on that may interest you.

Speech Recognition Games

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I see @WBS00001 beat me to it and replied while I was writing. Hopefully the info we both supplied will get you in the right track.;)