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My Ez-B Order Is On The Chopping Block.

Well my dad is almost positive that he's going to cancel my EZ-B order. I'll update this thread with his decision. Also: your story about your experience with ez-robot is greatly appreciated. He left a phone message for the EZ-Robot team.


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Sorry to hear that your dad is making you cancel.
It is actually surprising to me. I cancelled my own order because I wanted to simply go with a different chassis for my bot. Even if it takes six months because of that I am still ordering another ezb.
My entire hobby/business I am in is based on preorders. It isn't unheard of for someone to wait a year for something in my field. It is a normal occurrence.
I am not your dad. I don't pretend to know how someone else should raise their kids. That is their decision. I just wouldn't cancel something of my kids without having all of the facts. And ezb seems very far removed from a scam.
I've got my fingers crossed for you. I wish he understood that these things happen all of the time in just about every industry. Video games are a perfect example. *stress*
I would tell your dad that if it was a scam, the web site would be long gone once a bunch of pre-orders payments had cleared. There are many of us participating here that are happy v3 customers and have placed our pre-orders for v4 be ause we were pleased with the quality of the product and the support of the company.

@Cupcakehat... I'm tempted to order for you, then ship it to you just to show your dad he needs to have more faith in his son... I feel bad for you dude... DJ if your listening here send him a freebe... I'll even chip in a bit..:)
I don't blame your pops. I'm starting to get a little over it myself.
The main problem with him cancelling the order is that I'll have a even longer wait to get it if I ever do get to order again. Also, he seems to think that any controller is on par with both the power and ease of use of the EZ-B (which they aren't) so he thinks I can just hop on a new controller and use it like a EZ-B.


I've spent almost 1000 dollars and hours of shopping around to get a robot (without controller) so loosing the one thing that makes my robot work would make all that time and money a waste.
United Kingdom
Use the Contact Us page and see if you can arrange for DJ or other EZ-Robot staff to discuss it with your dad and put his mind at ease. I know they are all busy but I also know they go the extra mile to help us out so it's worth a try.

he's left both a email and a phone call for the EZ-Robot team. I hope something good comes out of it.
@Cupcakehat , i can understand the frustration. When someone else is buying you something they want to see you use it soon. Worse case scenario if your dad does cancel the order you could reorder when they are shipping for sure. It's a comfort zone thing. I ordered a 3d printer and two weeks later it is everything I can do to not blow up their email. Lol but my solidoodle has a tracking number and is on its way now. Take in mind that not canceling of course means you get it sooner rather than later.
cupcakehat i really hope you get the part.but dont talk too much about your parents on the internet.
it can be dameging for your relation whit you and your dad.for the guy who by you that part,he has a golden heart.
am just desame as he.am sure you will do something back for him.sometimes we forget that there are much more,
important things in life then making robots.aldo we dont feel that way.THUMBS UP
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haha love this pic
The best advice I can give you is to keep your cool and don't give up. It will happen when the time is right. I am waiting just like you. Except that I am 500% CERTAIN that I will get my product. I have NO doubts at all. Do I need it? Yes I do. But, You can't rush quality. This is my 3rd EZ-B to purchase. Why did I order three? Because each one is better than the last. Even the older version is better than ALL of the other competition combined.

1k in parts. And he wants to cancel a 100 order. Bah! I see how that sucks.

I thought he was losing his patience with the 2 month wait.
It's actually my money. He just uses his credit card for larger purchases (besides the 1k in parts, i bought that all by myself) and i hand him the money that it costs. He's slightly less mad now that he knows what pre-order means, though.
That sucks dude... Not sure how old you are, but you seem like a really bright kid... It's not right that he controls money that you earned... To me that's going a little too far as a parent and holding on to your kids too tight... Nothing against your dad I am sure he is a great guy, but having that kind of control to me is not letting your child grow up and flourish... This is just IMHO I should add, however...
Good news : He's thinking about letting me keep my pre-order. Thanks guys. :D
Sweet!.... Ask him to give you (EZ-Robot) 'til the end of Feb and that's it... Surely it should ship by then... In the meantime, wash the car or get him a gift card for beer (that always works for me... ;).... )
cupcakehat sounds good.may i ask how old you are.you dont have to say it if you dont want .
Just to add to what @josh stated, Not only will it be a longer wait but it will almost certainly be more expensive the next time you order it. One advantage of pre-orders is you sometimes get a better price. Demand starts to go up so the prices increases. To give an example, and this isn't even a pre-order. I bought the latest Masterpiece Optimus Prime from Toys R Us in the first few weeks they started showing up in the stores. I got it for $99.99. He flew off of the shelves as soon as he was put there. (I was lucky to just happen to be there at the end of the day when they started stocking so I snatched him up. Two weeks later when they finally re-stocked him, he was $119.99.

So next time it comes up, if it comes up, treat it like a business deal. Mention that canceling will cost YOU money and ask if he's prepared to make up the difference with HIS own money because HE was impatient. It's my experience that once you start talking about money, all of a sudden, people start "speaking the same language". If you've already paid him for the order then, he's got his money. When it shows up, is your problem, not his. He should treat this as a free opportunity to learn you the value of patience. When we were waiting for my step-sons Xbox One to show up, I got a huge kick out of watching him pace through the house from anxiousness waiting for it to show up. But, I have a twisted sense of humor.;) I can't wait to take him to the DMV.

And if it's a matter of him trying to protect you from being taken advantage of, I can sort of understand but personally, I believe, everybody touches the hot stove ONCE. And if you don't learn from that then there's probably no helping you. I feel that it's best to make big mistakes and learn from them as a child because, big mistakes can ruin an adults life. *stress* But that's just the way I was raised.

We'll just say that, I don't come from a wealthy family. I had to be ready to be an adult with my money and decision making because my family couldn't afford to help me with anything more than advice as an adult. And just to judge my life from the home and neighborhood I grew up in to the life I have now, while not rich by any means, I'm doing better than when I started so, I know that the Great Grandparents that Dad and I lived with and who primarily raised me would be proud.:)

Looking at some of the stuff you've posted, I'd like to think your Dad is pretty proud of you. I sure would be.
If you do not want to wait and are going to cancel, call me, 603 303 - 9010. I will buy your board from you before you even get it. Your spot in the que is valuable too.