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My Brookstone Rover Hack

while i am waiting on my parts for ROOMBA project,i started hacking the ROVER since my girlfriend who bought it for me wants to see it finished quick i tore it down and looking to add servos ,EZB and some sensors to it will post some photos of my changes very soon,have mostly all parts needed for the hack


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I moved this tread to project showcase User-inserted image


I think that's a very good platform. They look really good. Can't wait to see some pics !:) J.W.


just added a photo,i took out the camera and added a maxsonar and a PIR camera adding on top with a pan and tilt assembly,and working on add IR sensors PIR SENSOR IS AMN 22111 from digikey amn22111 FOR $15.44 works great, lower then most on the market and small size with lens analog input


few more photos of the IR sensor in front and the silver round piece on top is were my tilt assemble goes under the silver piece is a servo for panning the camera User-inserted image

for the lens going to use clear acrylic plastic User-inserted image

for the back 2 more IR sensors and jet engine plastic adding another maxsonar

the brookstone ROVER a great robot but lacks sensors also looking to add a opto feedback disc for each motors

here is little close to camera holder i am using,does have the pan and tilt assembly YET same used on my roomba projects ,parts from lynxmotion and a few from servo city its a cheap webcam from ebay $6 and took the board out and added the brookstone rover camera and making the wires longer,it fits great ,does need some changes in the lens t o mount in webcam lens lens,but is easy

User-inserted image


@robotmaker ,

That looks like a really cool platform and it looks like you have some really awesome sensor mods on the way. Great pics!..a little confused about the camera setup and your comment above....can you mention a $6 webcam...and then using the brookstone camera? Also, how does the video make it back to ARC?

Thanks much!




using a $6 webcam only for the housing,camera is the brookstone rover camera taking the junkie camera board out and replacing with the rover camera ,need to make the 6 wires longer

here is a photo of it open showing the brookstone rover camera mounted inside User-inserted image

i needs the adjustable lens and holder for another robot project ,and since i never throw anything away i keep the housing,and use a housing for another project ,bought 5 of them $5.00,sometimes get get a low bid like $3.00 on one


OOOH! I've always wanted to see inside :D


@dj sures not much inside ,but has room for EZB


Looking to get back working on this project with a pan and tilt design and lot more updates


HOPING after this saterday will be starting back on project and others,cant wait leaving friday afternoon from china back to fla,long flight i hate .

BUt retired after that no work only work on my robots.