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My Battery Setup


I'm wanting some advice on my battery setup plan.

The idea is to use some 7v lipo batteries that can be recharged without needing to unplug them.

I would like to know if it would be a workable setup. Or if anyone has any better suggestions
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The thing you need to be aware of with LiPo batteries is the cells need balancing, looking at that diagram there is no balance port being taken in to account.

You can get boards which will charge multiple LiPo batteries through their balance ports, or use multiple chargers to do it and connect the charger input voltages up to a single barrel jack, feeding all chargers with one power supply.

Not balancing the cells when charging can shorten the life of the batteries or may even (in some rare cases) make one cell go under voltage and ruin the battery.
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Right ok thank you. I'll look into these right now
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can you suggest any products and/or setup for this?
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I use something like this charger for mine.

Put one on each batteries balance port, tie the input voltages together and use one barrel jack to supply 12v to it.

The downside is the charge time will be slow as mine is only 800mA so takes around 5 or 6 hours to charge my 5000mAh battery.
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Nice one. Just been looking. Am I right, do you mean I would need one per battery?
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@Jay , hi do you mind marking this thread as answered? Thanks - Josh
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@jstarne1 Oops yeah of course sorry.