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My Battery Is Low

Should you keep batteries charging or Not? Seems my jd, rolli and 6 all are suffering from battery low issues when they have been plugged in the last 4 weeks while I was on travel.


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Depends on the charger. Find out more here:

The older ezrobot chargers drain the battery after it is charged AND kept connected to the charger. There is a message on the tutorial that I posted above. The latest version of the battery charger keeps the battery topped up if the battery stays connected.

The solution is to disconnect your battery from the charger after it has charged -or- upgrade to the latest charger if that's a hassle.

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Are my batteries likely ruined? Are there any ways to reset them so they will charge properly? Otherwise, got to replace all three. ??


Hi @mstephens_42

While there are ways to boost the LiPo batteries to the voltage required for the charger to start charging the batteries again, it is never recommended. Unfortunately LiPo batteries are irreversibly damaged once they get below 3V per cell. Once a LiPo has gone under this voltage the electrolyte chemistry will change inside the battery and more oxygen will be produced inside when it is charged again. The battery will experience "bloating" and have diminished capacity.