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My 3D Design Cover For The Power Shell Or Six Body

So continuing with some more 3D design. Here is a cover I have created for the Power shell or Six body. For now it slides over top with a friction fit (until I can figure out a way to lock it in place). It does nicely at covering and tidying wiring to the ezb. It also serves as a way to protect the ezb exposed pins so you don't do something stupid like I did and drop a screw driver on it (blowing a port or two) LOL... I also included a female ezbit connector on top... It's meant to fit over the injection molded ezb shell... It probably would fit a 3d printed case, but I haven't tried...

Creating a test print right now so I will post details of the finished design a little later (with the stls of course)
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User-inserted image

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Again, a very nice job ! well done !