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Multiple Ultrasonic Sonars

My bottom board came in today replacement for the one I burned out last month trying to hook up second ultrasonic sensor. This time I did it correctly by shutting off the main battery switch first, LOL! So I noticed there is an increment value that can be raised higher for the sonar radar scanner. I noticed putting both sensor increments at 10 instead of 1, Both The radars scan much faster. Is this a benefit to see objects faster? Or is this going to miss more objects? I still need to put robot body back together and see what happens but both sonars see my hand in the way and do the backing up thing, Good sign!:)


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You have one sonar on the front and the other one in the back ?
Rad base is so wide I am putting one for left and one for right side front.Those 2 corners were always the blind spots for single sonar.
I use 3 Ultrasonic sensors on the base of my robot. One front/center and one on the left and right of it, they are at an angle of about 25 degrees. Thru scripting they are queried and then the robot moves accordingly. The timing of reading the sensors is also set in the script. Is this what you are trying to do?
The timing of sensors does not seem needed as both sensors run at the same time covering a wider area to the front navigation although the timing sounds like a great idea, will look in to that too!:)
Well,working so much better than before , no more front corners hitting a table leg when on an angle! Was thinking this would also make a great Vacuum bot better than a Roomba 600$ ? Ridiculous, Has Anyone tried this with a Dirt Devil or similar dust vacuum? Thinking of dragging one behind the bot.